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What RSS readers my readers use?

10 years after the shutdown of Google Reader, there’s no longer a single dominant player in the field, and it’s interesting to see the variety of the choices.

One interesting/unexpected thing about running this blog on Google Cloud Run is that I now have a powerful log aggregator with easy to set filters (compare to “boring”, raw http logs from nginx), so I can just look at the user-agents in the log when I’m bored:

Screenshot of Google Cloud Log Explorer

And ever since I linked my blog in a recent HN thread, I got quite a few more readers, so it’s interesting to see what RSS readers my readers use, as a perfect, unbiased sample of the market :)

Before the HN thread, I had one subscriber from BazQux (that’s me), and one from Feedbin, and a few local apps like NetNewsWire. Now after the the HN thread, at the time of writing, I have:

And the ones don’t report subscriber count, or self hosted, or local apps:

Sidenote 1: This is the expanded version of my toot. If you subscribed to my RSS feed through the HN thread, welcome to follow me on fediverse as well :)

Sidenote 2: After the shutdown of Google Reader, I briefly tried Feedly, and probably a few others, then settled on BuzQux pretty quickly. I’ve been paying for it for 2 years then just paid for a lifetime subscription:

Screenshot of my BazQux payment history

It’s been very reliable for the past 10 years for me.

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